Curtain Headings

A curtain heading is the gathering or pleating at the top of the curtain that gives it a unique look and style. In many parts of the world it is also known as a window treatment.

At The Fabulous Fabric Company we have invested in state-of-the-art equipment which enables us to customise curtains with a wide variety of different heading types. Our fabulous curtain range can also be especially lined which enhances the drape of the cloth and also adds weight, insulation and volume to the fabric.

We can also help you to choose the best headings for the fabric and the window shape and then custom create it at our in house manufacturing facility.

The following are a list of different heading types we can manufacture:


French Pleats

French Pleats - also known as Pinch Pleats are Knife pleats pinched in groups of three (or sometimes just two, or even single), with spaces between which spread when the curtain is extended. It reaches full potential when used on track rods. Suitable for all fabric types, and its classic look makes it best suited for formal rooms of the house.


Eyelet Heading

Metal rings are punched into the heading using a special device. This type of curtain doesn't need as much fullness of fabric so it stacks back to a minimal space. The pole needs to be fitted well above the architrave.

This heading is suitable only for curtain poles and have a row of eyelets, usually metal, which can vary in diameter. They give a much softer, wider fold.


Pencil Pleat

Pencil pleats are the most common simple pleating system using heading tape, enabling the curtain material to be easily gathered. Use it with tracks or rods, in bedrooms or living areas. It's suitable for all fabric types, and generally provides a simple, casual look and is usually inexpensive.


Ruched Heading

Ruched curtains are gathered or bunched on the pole to create a luxurious look that really dresses the window. A ruched heading is ideal for dressing a window in a room with a high ceiling or distinct windows found in hallways or landings. Ruched headings can be made up in a variety of fabrics and a blind is often used on the window while the curtains are permanently fixed in place.



Waves are trendy and combine simplicity with style. Waves are used in more modern and linear looking interior designs. This exciting, new heading system creates a smooth and continuous wave effect that provides a contemporary curtain presentation with the economy of standard pleating tape. Wave headings are best suited to high windows or glass doors where they can be stacked away perfectly.


Goblet Pleat

Goblet type pleated curtain heading pleats make a very elegant heading for longer drops and the pleats fall from each goblet.

Goblet pleats create an opulent look to curtains and are ideal for homes of grandeur- country style homes or even castles. They have a rich, formal appearance and looks wonderful with woven fabrics or jacquards. Coupled with luxurious roped tiebacks pulling curtains back from your window, the overall appearance is timeless. For a true luxury look let your curtain hems drape along the floor either side of the window by about 15cm.


Tab Top

Tab top curtains are made of fabric loops (tabs) at the top edge or heading. They are threaded through decorative poles. The tabs can be made in matching, coordinating or contrasting fabric to the rest of the curtain. The top of the curtain should go well above the top of the window frame and you should remember to take the length of the tabs (10cm) into consideration when measuring for this type of curtain.


Swags & Tails

The graceful drape and gather of Swags and Tails creates the ultimate opulent look, giving your whole room an absolute ambiance of class and distinction. This style is perfect for the classic home or manor house. We can custom create our Swags & Tails to really dress up your feature windows. Available in a variety of luxurious fabrics and styles - symmetrical or asymmetrical - with or without trimmings, glass beadings and other specifications. So why not pamper your room with the ultimate full window treatment?



Banded curtains are a contemporary style that allows you to accessorise by combining two or three complimentary fabrics. This is a fantastic way to individually specify your curtains and make the one of a kind. We can use different colour / fabric combinations to define and accentuate the bottom, leading edge and inside edge of your curtains so that the whole scheme hangs together perfectly!


Without doubt curtains and roman blinds hang better if they are lined. Linings also enhance the appearance of colours and patterns, protect against strong sunlight and improve insulation when it's cold. The Fabulous Fabric Company provides our clients with the following lining options:

Sateen Lining

Our ivory sateen lining is 100% cotton lining which gives your curtains that perfect and elegant drop from ceiling to floor. It also helps to protect them from sunlight damage.


Interlining is an additional brushed cotton layer placed between the front fabric and the lining. On lightweight fabrics such as silks or taffetas it adds extra body and lustre. It also improves the 'drape' of the curtains or roman blind so they fall beautifully and look more sumptuous. Interlining is also useful where additional heat insulation is required.

Blackout Lining

We all know that too much light can make it difficult to sleep. Blackout lining makes seams invisible and adds weight and fullness to the overall appearance of your curtains or roman blinds. Blackout can also be colour coded to match the fabric of your curtains and to create a consistent aesthetic look when viewed from the exterior of your home.

As well as blocking out unwanted light, the properties in our blackout lining reflects heat. In this way it helps to regulate room temperature during the summer and insulate in winter.

Flame - retardant fabrics

At The Fabulous Fabric Company we provide both private and commercial clients with fabric that can be specifically treated to reduce the risk of fire ignition. Fabric flammability is an important risk issue for hotels, offices, hospitals, schools, sports clubs, community centres and any public or commercial space that is governed by Health & Safety requirements or European Fire Retardant standards. Although all fabrics will burn, some are naturally more resistant to fire than others. Those that are more flammable can have their fire resistance drastically improved by treatment with special fire retardant chemicals.


Fire-proof fabric

The Fabulous Fabric Company also stocks the Trevira CS range that is permanently flame resistant and fire proof. The range is available in a wide variety of designs and colours and can be used for curtains, drapes, blinds, and upholstery fabrics and it ideally used in hotels, offices, public buildings and newer property developments.

Permanently flame-resistant polyester fibers, such as Trevira CS are not treated with a surface flame-resistant chemical but rather the flame-resistant properties are permanently built into the molecular chain of the fiber and cannot be removed. The entire raw material is inherently flame resistant, not just the surface. Therefore, the FR performance cannot wear or wash off. There is no danger of toxic fumes from the curtains in the event of a fire. The flame-resistant properties are permanent and last over the lifetime of the fabric.

Trevira CS is environmentally friendly with an Oekotex 100 certificate stating the material contains no harmful substances and, when used to manufacture velvets, no additional chemical treatments are needed. Trevira's inherently flame-resistant polyester fibers can be easily laundered and are highly durable, reducing the cost of care associated with cotton or rayon velvets.


Anti-bacterial fabrics

We also stock a range of intelligent textiles that are specially treated to provide anti-microbial benefits to high traffic healthcare and hospital environments.

Our innovative Panatex range is also waterproof, stain resistant and flame retardent and meets the increasingly rigours demands for flame retardant properties, infection control, durability and design innovation.

Panatex is available in a large number of designs and colours from stock.

Panaz continually aims to create attractive, technically advanced fabrics that surpass essential practical considerations of healthcare environments.