With our exquisite range of designer Curtain fabrics every home becomes a gallery and every window a canvass. We can help you match the right type of curtain to the right type of window or door. This may sound simple enough but we need to factor the frame, recess, size and shape as well as how it opens to be able to offer you the best possible advice.

The selection of the style of curtain has as much to do with your own personal sense of taste as the layout of the room. We can tailor a package that suites your style but also your budget. We can manufacture four distinct curtain styles and the descriptions below will tell you exactly how and where they can be applied.


Classic Curtains

These curtains are classic and timeless. They are hand crafted from the finest fabrics - including linens, silks and jacquards. The fabrics are opulent and lustrous and are finished off with all the finer details, trimmings and accessories. The colour palette is normally richer and lustrous - duck egg, blue, deep burgundy and gold - and the fabric is often embossed. Classic curtains are best suited to upmarket country houses and to rooms with high ceilings. Suppliers include Swaffer, G.P. & J. Baker, Romo, Sanderson and Robert Allen etc.

Contemporary Curtains

Contemporary Curtains take their lead from design that is both current and fashionable. Fresh new ranges are released on a regular basis as designers constantly create dynamic new looks to appeal to the young at heart of all ages.

Fabrics include a broad range of printed patterns, exquisite silks and satins, sophisticated weaves, velvets and textures as well as a broad range of sheers with an exciting variety of matching wallpaper combinations.

Design, colour, pattern, texture create a variety of different options to refresh and revitalise your living spaces. Fashion fabric brands include Designers Guild, Casamance, Osborne & Little, Jab and etc.


Modern Curtains

The Modern design style almost has an architectural edge to it that can make a bold statement. The line of the curtains is very linear and sleek and they are ideal for decorating homes that have more of a modern, minimalist interior design look. The fabrics are modern and monochromatic and can have a metallic look and feel. The curtains can be banded using different colours to really give the fabric a definitive style.


Traditional Curtains

This is an informal, friendly style and while it can work in most interiors, oddly shaped rooms and cosy proportions will only add to its character. Cotton or linen florals, natural plains in heavy fabrics, or patterns and motifs that are definitely inviting and comfortable are best suited to this style. Damask is a good choice for a traditional interior because the weave creates both a dull and shiny texture that works well with a variety of trim, tassels and fringe. Suppliers include Nina Campbell, GP & J Baker, Voyage etc.